He who is faithful in very little is faithful also in much


I’ve been fighting through an annoying blocked nose / flu since being back from holiday. Also, while on my trip I lost my laptop and all the sharing notes that I was working on.

So I basically have today and tomorrow (well, not much of tomorrow) to redo the slides for Wednesday’s sharing on Acts of the Apostles.

My mother, who has seen me sniffing and still not recuperating, asked me to go and sleep. But I can’t. I have a responsibility and I will finish it.

Sunday’s Gospel came to mind:

“He who is faithful in very little is faithful also in much.” – Luke 16:10

God has given me this little job to do, and I will pull through this flu to get it done. Some situations build determination and strength, and this is one of those times. I thought about it this way, if I learn how to keep myself focused on what I have been tasked with this time, next time, I will have more willpower to fight through bigger things like temptations and distractions.

God of mercy and compassion, be my strength.
I know that I cannot do this alone, please grant me the graces I need to complete the good work you have already begun.
Holy Spirit, nurture in me an unshakeable love for God and faith in His will for me.
Guide me and fill me with your inspirations as I prepare the sharing. May I be attentive to your promptings.
Jesus my Saviour, please walk with me. Hold me up when I am unable to carry on. When temptation to give up or distractions pull me away from completing this task, remind me again of the Father’s love and guide me back onto the right path. You are my light, my way, my truth.

Blessed Mother Mary and St Joseph, pray for us that we may be faithful to God in all things.

Amen. Alleluia. 



Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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