An important lesson

You give and take away

I finally had time to spare today to unpack all my things from London. Almost everything is here. Everything but my laptop. I try not to think about it because I know life goes on but I can’t help but feel sad that it’s still lost.

The old me wants to buy another laptop because I know that chance that it is found and returned to Singapore is pretty slim.

But the new me tells me to be patient and wait. I’ve prayed for it to be found by an honest person and returned to me, now I have to wait and trust in God that no matter what happens it is for the best.

It’s a really tough but important lesson that I’m learning right now.

Sometimes things happen and at that time, it’s hard to understand why. But faith calls us to rely not on our own understanding but on God who knows all and guides us in all seasons of our lives.

Almighty God, forgive me for all the times I didn’t trust in your providence and plan for me. Remove this doubt and fill me instead with increased faith. May I share in your joy, that remains despite circumstances. 

Look after my laptop I pray, and if it is your will that it is found, please bless the honest person who returns the laptop to the correct authorities and finally back to me. 

If it is your will that it remains unfound, please give me serenity in my heart to accept it and carry on. 

Thank you God.


PS. Sorry for the lack of images / plain layout. I’m blogging from my phone since I don’t have my laptop.

Please pray for me.

If you have a prayer request, you can submit it here. Information will be kept confidential.



Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

One thought on “An important lesson”

  1. Hi Fr Philip.. I came upon your site over an hour ago and as I sit here in the beautiful sunshine I can only marvel at the beautiful writings.. I will pray that you find your laptop!


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