The ultimate goal

Is heaven your ultimate goal?

As part of the LISS programme, we organised a day of reconciliation for the participants. There were 5 priests and once everyone was done, we hung around the coffee corner for awhile. Some of the priests came to stay goodbye. It was a long day for them – there were so many participants. 

Someone joked that Fr would have a reduced purgatory time because of hearing all the confessions. Fr looked shocked and said, I hope not! 

It was his horrified look that stuck with me. Are we as keen to go straight to heaven? 

During the year of mercy, people can obtain indulgences by fulfilling certain criteria / actions. I don’t think I have done all. It makes me kinda worried – there are just a few weeks left of the year of mercy. 

But – it has made me reflect on life. Am I doing what will get me to heaven? Am I preparing for this life or Am I preparing for eternity with God my Father? 

I examined what I have done so far, and what I hope to do in the following year. I have been working on me a lot – an attempt to reduce what I need, what I have, focus on what brings joy in my life and the joy I can bring / be to others. 

Fr’s reaction puts all my plans and reflections in perspective. If heaven is my ultimate goal, more than half of my list of to dos and wishes would be useless to reaching that goal. Sadly, it says so much about what I’ve been doing up till now. So far I’ve been focused on enjoying life – travelling, food, company, career… But I realise I have to shift my focus to knowing, loving and serving God. 

To quote the Dr Strange movie, not everything is about (me). 

I pray that with God’s grace, I will be able to focus on heaven and prepare for eternity with God my Father. 



Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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