Let thy will be done

The art of losing myself in bringing you praise

Since the start of November, the daily readings have led me in reflecting about purpose and eternal life with God the Father. 

It is far easier to revel in comfort now but November’s readings have reminded me that this life is temporary. Our purpose in the life is to seek God, to love, to serve, to edify, to testify and build each other up. 

For the final destination – is heaven with God the Father. 

I shared with my LISS group recently that I examined my to-do lists. The lists are neverending, completed yet added to every day. How much of what I do daily leads me to know God more, to serve Him, to love Him? 

I wish I could say that a large part of my life is dedicated to God, but right now, my to-do lists are empty of true purpose. 

So the past week, I’ve added this 1 sentence prayer to my morning routine: 

What do you ask of me today, God? 


How can I be of service today, God? 

Asking this has taught me: 

1. Openness to God’s will for me 

2. To be more attentive to God’s promptings  

3. Obedience to listen patiently, and courage to act accordingly 

4. To remember that each day is an opportunity to serve, to be kind, to help someone, to share the Word, to testify of God’s goodness…

At first, listening and discerning is difficult. But with practice and prayer, listening each day becomes easier. If you ask God for direction with a heart of love and the intention to serve, He will definitely guide you and equip you with what you need for the day’s journey. 

This morning, God’s directive to me was so clear – the moment He spoke it in my mind, my heart clenched for I had begun to recognise the truth in His Word. It was a challenge to do as God spoke, but I have hope that even in my struggle, God is moulding me, for my good, so that I will be better equipped to face bigger challenges. 

I pray for you, that God will increase your awareness of His presence in your day, so that guided by His love and goodness, you will experience peace and joy like no other as you get to know God the Father, creator and almighty, loving and kind. 



Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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