Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

16 Nov 2016, Thursday
It is now almost midnight, but I want to write this before I go to sleep. 

I have witnessed so many blessings today – what a great God we have! 

“Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!” – [Psalm 116:2] 

While waiting for the session to start, I asked God my daily question: What do you ask of me today, God? 

No answer. 

But later on, before the session properly started, the coordinator said to ask God the exact same thing – What do you ask of me today, God? 

The answer: Empathy. 

I didn’t understand why and what exactly but I kept that in mind as the session went on and Fr spoke about embracing God’s love and mercy. 

When the individual praying over started, I saw – no – I felt why God asked empathy of me today. 

I was part of a prayer team at the back of the hall. Usually I receive words or images related to the person we pray for. But this time, I felt it. I felt the pain, brokenness, struggles… For one lady, I felt it so much that I cried too. I felt her hurt, somehow. And I also felt Jesus’ love for her – His love is far more powerful than her troubles. What touched me most was how much Jesus cares for her.. my words are not sufficient to describe the love of Jesus. It was heartbreakingly beautiful, genuine and pure yet powerful and overflowing. It felt like someone who would do anything and keep trying until she was saved, until she was healed. 

This is the depth of God’s love. 

She held my hands, cried and hugged me. I wanted her to know how much Jesus loves her. I know I said words that came to mind, reassuring words, but what exactly I can’t remember. 

I thank you Lord for allowing me to carry their struggles, if only for that moment. I thank you Lord for choosing us to be your instruments, in prayer and in embracing others. Thank you Lord for the healing and blessings. 

How do I feel now? 

Tired but not exhausted. Hungry (I didn’t have dinner) but full. Renewed.

And very certain that God is great, full of love and mercy. All glory and honour be to you, God, forever. 


Update: 17 Nov 2016, Thursday

Testimonies keep pouring in from participants and facilitators. Praise the Lord! 


Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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