Fruits of the Spirit – monthly updates

Growing the fruits

January 2017

10 days of 2017 have passed. Am I now a better person than I was in 2016? I’m not sure. But I sure am trying, and I am more aware of where I am in terms of growth.

In the first few days, I was asking questions like:

1. What’s the difference between kindness and goodness? Isn’t being kind good, and being good kind?

2. What is gentleness, really?

This led to reading up on specific fruits and learning so much. Naming the fruits of the Holy Spirit is one thing, but explaining the fruits with bible examples and life examples is a whole other level.

Seeing the fruits (or lack of fruits) on the trees I drew, really helped me to track what I was doing wrong or right. My initial idea was to use a black marker to indicate “rotting” fruits (which are fruits I have grown but I didn’t maintain it). For example, if yesterday I was kind to someone but today I was rude – the fruit of kindness would start to rot.

Thing is – if I stuck to that idea – I probably wouldn’t have many or any growing fruits at all! That is a stark reminder for me to keep growing the fruits of the Holy Spirit every day.

I’ll input the no. of fruits below once the month comes to a close.

  • LOVE
  • JOY

Let’s pray for each other. Leave a prayer request here. Information will be kept confidential. 

February 2017 

More than a month has passed but still there are weeds to pull out, and any fruits tend to last only for a day.

It requires constant effort to keep the fruits growing and the roots strong. 

At Christmastime, I bought a little Christmas tree. I needed to water it every day, and ensure it has enough sunlight. The first few days went well. Then I went on a holiday and forgot to ask my brothers to help me to take care of the tree. Then Christmas came and I was out most of the day. January came. Some days I remembered, other days I didn’t.

Now it is browning.

The tree is a visual reminder  that I need to grow the fruits everyday, not sporadically or only when it is easy to be kind or patient. The fruits need daily care, and should be rooted in God’s love. If I am so quick to abandon the fruits, or if I am not propelled by the love of God – then the fruits (if any) will definitely deteriorate.

On 8 February (Wednesday), I shared about Joy. I tied in the Fruits of the Holy Spirit into the sharing (haha) and found that the children could list the fruits faster than the adults at the session! But it’s ok – God willing, I’ll try to do my part by sharing more and more about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps by end of the year, all the adults will be able to list the fruits and all of us will know and have grown in the fruits as well.

Let’s pray for each other. Leave a prayer request here. Information will be kept confidential. 



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