1/120: Let the Word mould your heart

An excerpt from St Anthony’s homilies


The Holy Spirit says to Ezekiel, that is, to the preacher:

And thou, O son of man, take thee a tile, and draw upon it the plan of the city of Jerusalem. [Ezek 4:11]

A tile represents the heart of a sinner because of four characteristics which it has:
1. It is moulded between two boards
2. It is flattened out
3. It is hardened by fire
4. And it is made red

The heart of a sinner should be moulded between the two boards of the Old and New Testaments; for as the Psalmist says:

Between the midst of the hills the waters shall pass [Ps 103:101]

meaning that the waters of doctrine flow from the two Testaments. The word ‘moulded’ is appropriate, because the sinner who has become mis-shapen by sin receives a new shape from the preaching of the two Testaments.

Text from the Franciscan Archive, homilies translated into English by Paul Spilsbury


Just a few paragraphs into the 1st homily text and I find myself marvelling at the symbolism described, which sets the subthemes for this homily.

He then says the heart of a sinner should be moulded between the Old and New Testaments. When I was renewed through the Life in Spirit Seminar, the first difference in me was a thirst for the Word. It was insatiable! I used to read many other things (unfortunately more than I read the bible), but things were changing. Nothing else was better than reading the Word.

And through reading more and more of the Word, I learnt lessons, I was inspired, I examined my wrongs, I became devoted to change – and I did.

The Word moulded my mis-shapen sinful heart to a heart yearning for God.

I thank God for sending me the Holy Spirit to open the Word to me and guide me as I read.


Author: Valerie

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