Listening without seeing

Lord, I believe – do thou increase my faith

I think previously I spoke about how much more mass meant to me after attending the Life in the Spirit Seminar, Eucharist Explained and started writing down notes from the homilies.

And then I wrote down verses that stood out to me from the readings and responsorial psalm as well. Why? Because I wanted to train myself to listen to the Word, to really pay attention, to listen, believe and absorb the message without relying on seeing.

So much of faith is based on believing. Do you believe that the Word spoken is truly from God? That words spoken in the homily hold a message for you from God?

While reading through past notes yesterday, my mum asked me if I can remember who (which priest) gave which homily. I replied that it doesn’t matter who said what – it only matters that all these words were from God. For I do believe that God anoints His priests to listen, reflect and convey what God’s message is to the congregation.

Of course there are some who speak more eloquently, others who include more humour, some who explain through stories, others who speak quietly or slowly. But who are we to judge or choose who is better? God equips those He has called. And He will equip those who want to listen.

At the next mass you attend, why not pray for the priest – that the Holy Spirit will guide him as he speaks, opening his heart and mind to be attentive to the promptings, to deliver God’s message to the congregation as God wills.

And why not pray for yourself and the congregation – that we will not be distracted, and that with the help of the Holy Spirit we will listen to the Word and be courageous to act accordingly to God’s will.



Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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