God provides

We only need to say YES


This morning, God woke me up at 7am. It is quite unusual because I don’t wake up that early. But God is the God of surprises, so instead of going back to sleep, I stayed awake and read today’s readings.

Then I wrote a post here, about what I learned during Lent.

A message appeared on screen, from the ministry group chat, asking if me or Mag could make a poster for tomorrow’s session so that the group can send out personalised invitations to others to come.

I said yes, and worked on it.

The theme was “The Incarnation of Jesus, True God and True Man”. As I searched for the image to use, I prayed: Which image should I use, God? Show me. The song “Resurrection” by John F. Wilson filled my mind and I sang it while searching.

“Jesus Christ has triumphed now! Resurrection!
He has conquered death somehow! Resurrection! 
Now see the tomb lay bare; Resurrection!
Death could not hold him there; Resurrection.
Alleluia! Comes the Resurrection. 
Alleluia! Comes the Resurrection….” 

Then I found this beautiful stained glass of the Holy Trinity and created the poster.


Multiple drafts later, I sent the approved final poster to the group. Right after I sent out the image, my phone battery died.

God provided what I needed to complete the task,
I only had to be willing to put in all I had to completing the task.

Today I saw what God can do with just 5% of battery. If you’re feeling drained, tired or stuck – don’t stop giving God all you can – for He can do wonders even with very little.

May all that we do bring glory and praise to God the Father, Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit the Advocate. Amen. 




Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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