Save us from the fires of hell

Lead all souls to Heaven

When we reached Fatima, the first thing we did was to head towards the little shed that housed candles of all sizes. We gave love offerings for the candles we took and went to the area designated for lighting candles.

I don’t recall it being so hot. When we went in the winter of 2014, we could stand comfortably near the candles and take our time to light them.

But this time, I could feel the searing heat from about 5 to 10 steps away from where the candles were burning. Thankfully, my brother braved the heat to help me light my candles.

As I was standing there, I thought in horror – God, is this what the fires of hell feel like? Save me! Save all of us! Do not allow us to be in such suffering and away from your presence! 





Author: Valerie

Live. Laugh. Love.

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